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The Battle of the Moon

Copyright: Fantasy Fight GamesThe fires raged through the night.

The enemy engaged to win the fight.

Lightning cracked, thunder boomed.

The fortress was sacked. We all were doomed.

The full moon rose high in the sky.

We defeated our foes. I’ll tell you why.

The rain came down. The earth was mud.

Our enemies would drown in their own blood.

The Battle we won. The war to end soon.

Our enemies were gone at the Battle of the Moon.

– VJM, April 21, 2014



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The Wolf Inside

This was written by my 13-year son. Out of the blue, he decides to write a poem.

The Wolf InsideWerewolf_(HD_1080p)_Wallpaper_o1j0k
When the moon rises
You feel the heat
You taste the anger
You smell the meat
When the flower blooms
Deep in your heart
You feel the change coming
And it begins to start
When the blood is consumed
Get ready for a ride
Fur grows
Forming a mongrel hide
You lose control
A blood lust created
They razed the village
Which is why they’re hated
You can’t run
and you can’t hide
From the beast within
And the wolf inside

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Between Meals

(When the changes in people change us, it can be unnerving but appreciated).
Your petals came on softly with refrain
In the shadows of green they gather strength
Above the darkness is a canopy
That asks for naught but all one might give
To pick you from the moss you’ve grown interred
With the hope of being plucked in one breath.

Black and White
(This one is for the authors I’ve read)
In between the lines of black and white, I see you.
In the words not spoken, in the silence there, I hear you.
Without a touch, far removed in time, I feel you.
With all of this in mind and more, I know you.

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Just a few days more and the bird flies.
There will be only feathers left, and lies.
Soaring high above on the wind at last
The hurt will come and go with the past.

Let the breeze direct where you will go
Feeling each rise while looking below.
You will touch down again one day soon
With your feet beneath you, and the moon.

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Voices in the Dark

It comes in a whisper, an easy breeze through mossed trees
Touching down just out of sight.
Little flutters tickle, warning of what is to come
When my heavy heart takes flight.

In one small breath, trying to exhale brings darkness near
While the whisper promises air.
The day wears on with the wind in the trees, still not seen
Is the answer to prayer.

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Ode to a Spring Morning

Aspens gently sway by rushing waters
Luring bird song to promise another day.
In green depths of heavenly shadows lashed
Winter loses its last hold on the fort.

Smooth moss runs its path across hard stone black
With graceful tendrils left to work their trade.
Thickets of vines and thorns often bristle
To whisper warm wind in vales long waiting.

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