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Step Back From The Edge

No beating around the bushes with words today.

Coming to grips with the news of yet another suicide of someone I knew, though not well at all, still stops me emotionally and mentally in my tracks. Some people have met with crisises in their lives and not lost hope. Some have never had a crisis in their lives but still have no hope. Then, there are ones with medical conditions that allow thoughts to go down all the wrong roads and they can’t see the beauty of life anymore.


If you think your life is awful… If you think no one approves of you… If you think you are alone in this world… do this at least once, or as many times as you need:  ask for help.  I call that moment when you think all is lost “the edge.”  When you see it, feel it, sense it, ask for help.

If you are lost without hope you often think there is no one to ask for help.  You should be very happy that you are wrong in that. Outside of friends and family, there are clergy, professionals and even volunteers that are willing to help you step back from “the edge.” You can talk to someone that knows your problems or if you’re more comfortable, talk with someone that doesn’t. But, talk. Communicate.

If you are in the Lubbock, Texas area, you can call Contact Lubbock 24-Hour Crisis Intervention at (806)-765-8393.  

Nationally, please call 1-(800)-784-2433.

I mentioned communicate above.  There’s more to it than that. Be brave in just one more moment to connect with someone outside of yourself. Be brave one more day through what must seem like the darkest times.  Be brave to let someone be touched by your life experiences. Each time, try one more time to communicate, to connect, to reach out.

Be brave for one more moment and connect to the world outside of you. It’s beautiful out here if you give it another chance.

Wishing you peace and love always.


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Tears of Hope

I knew I would be sad today. I knew I would run through the memories and mourn. But tears came not just at an emotional story, photo, video or gigantic flag unfurled.

They flowed in the quiet darkness of the morning when all was peaceful and secure in my home. I sacrifice so little to have that.

They flowed when I looked out my window at a street full of U.S. flags on display in remembrance of this day. I am lucky to live in such a place.

They flowed while watching my favored NFL team score touchdown after touchdown over an underwhelming opponent. I truly feel we are all on the same team today.

They flowed when the boys left for the airport to pick up a student flying in from Vietnam. I would not be able to overcome the fear to fly today.

Sadness is accompanied by guilt, gratefulness, brotherhood and fear. Beneath it all is an anger I keep at bay everyday with meditation, humility and an enduring faith in mankind. It is a hope I had no idea existed. Wet with tears, hot with fury, it awaits the time I will need it most.

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