First Decision of 2012

Not 30 minutes into the year and it is already marked with an important decision. That decision is no looking back. No revisits or re-examinations of mistakes and missteps. Time was used in 2011 for analysis of those things and only that came into 2012 with me.

No big changes are being planned for the new year. My interests, pursuits and activities remain the same and will continue.  As a consummate learner, I’m sure to pick up new things, new ideas in the coming year but they aren’t on a list because I don’t know what they are yet.

Every year holds obstacles and challenges, good times and sadness. 2012 will hold plenty of all of that and I can only hope to meet it with understanding and peace.

Looking forward is so much more fun. What didn’t get done in 2011 has 365 days of 2012 for the possibility. What went wrong in 2011 is done and gone, and 2012 holds hope for another try.

All of 2012 belongs to 2012, the present and future.


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