The Best Christmas Gift to Ourselves

The Christmas shopping season is upon us. As we make our lists and debate what to purchase for the people in our lives, consider spending most or all of your money on U.S. made items or local services.

This article from The Oregonian about buying American this year contains similar sentiments I received in an forwarded email from a co-worker last week. With issues of employment nationwide, it makes sense to spend locally, spend on goods and services that employ people here in America. It is an important issue to think through to action.

Our national security is intertwined with economic security. This article from The Christian Science Monitor identifies publicly what we’ve always suspected: we are under attack by Russia and China.  They’re not using missiles and bullets but they are hitting us where we live: our economic security. We all can play a part of mobilizing against these attacks, especially against China. Stop buying products made in China. Stop sending our hard-earned money to Chinese businessmen.

Photo Credit: photo of Front Street, Wilmington, NC

It seems an impossible task. Everywhere we turn, Chinese-made products adorn the shelves of our stores. Try searching online for U.S.-made alternatives. Consider gifts of local services people use every day. Most people don’t need more stuff, but they need to be employed and remain employed. Send a message to local and national businesses that carry Chinese made products that you want to buy only U.S. made products. Here’s a list of sites that might help you get started:

Some products have many components that come from multiple places around the world and get assembled in another place. Take for instance, the iPhone4. It is an international product that employees people in the U.S. though it is assembled in China. Does it mean you shouldn’t buy it? It’s up to you. A higher percentage of what you spend on it stays in the U.S. compared to other phones or items. I’m just saying you should stop and think about it during this Christmas gift-buying season.

It won’t be easy but we didn’t fall into this pit overnight. We’ve gradually walked down the steep slope of the pit since the 1970’s. We can walk back up that slope, slowly but surely one Christmas gift at a time.


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